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We have learned that Staged to Sell can be very similar to Designed to Live. In Staged to Sell: we try to appeal to the broad market of Potential Buyers with our style of design. In Designed to Live: we work with the homeowner, their likes and dislikes, and guide them, open their eyes to new ideas, new looks, sometimes subtle, sometimes more aggressive. The bottom line is to please the homeowner and still give them a Fresh New Look.

INITIAL CONSULTATION - up to 30 minutes - No Charge
EXTENSIVE CONSULTATION - usually lasting about 2 hours, $150.00

2. RESEARCH - Match the style of the home with the proper furniture/accessories. Appeal to the type of buyer that would most likely be purchasing your kind of home. Locate the appropriate furniture/accessories for your home.

3. DECLUTTER - Remove unneccessary Furniture and/or Accessories. Almost all homes, unless empty, have many objects, pictures, accessories, furniture, etc. that will not work in achieving the Desired Look that will sell the home Quickly and for Top Dollar.

4. COORDINATE WITH INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS - This includes Painters, Carpenters, Electricians, Landscapers, Plumbers, Furniture Rental companies, etc. Some homes require more "fixing" than others - before the actual staging of furniture/accessories by the Stagers.

5. PROVIDE OUR OWN INVENTORY - of Furniture/Accessories to create that "Model Home" look. We have an extensive inventory of furniture, artwork, carpets, window treatments, plants/floral arrangements, bedding, and other accessories that will help to complete the Desired Look.

6. ACTUAL STAGING - Interior space planning, re-designing and re-arranging furniture and all accessories to maximize the appeal and achieve that "Model Home" look.

Designed to Live:
1. CONSULTATION - same as in "Staged to Sell"

2. RESEARCH - Discover who these homeowners are, their likes and dislikes and what they are wanting to achieve in the New Look of their home, or certain rooms in the home. Locate and assist the homeowners in purchasing the furniture and accessories necessary to complete their Desired Look.

3. DECLUTTER - Same as in "Staged to Sell"


5. ACTUAL STAGING - Same as in "Staged to Sell", except the final result will be a permanent Fresh New Look that the Homeowner will continue to enjoy. (That is, until they are ready for another Fresh New Look!!) And then.... we will be there for them - again!!


FREE Staging Tips and Ideas


The #1 room in a home that influences a buyers decision is the Kitchen. The Kitchen is longer a room where food is prepared behind closed doors and then brought into another room to be consumed. Today, a Kitchen is the Center of home life and entertaining. Lifestyles have changed to make the Kitchen a place of warmth and comfort. You don't need to spend a lot of money or completely remodel your kitchen in order to reflect this new lifestyle. Here are a few tips for your kitchen:

1. You want your kitchen to appear larger than it is. This is easily accomplished by removing unnecessary items from the counter tops, reducing the clutter. You may also want to remove pots and pans from cabinets to show more storage space.

2. The next step would be cleaning. This is critical! Floors, cabinets, walls, appliances should be spotless and shine.

3. Then the last step would be the staging. A vase of beautiful fresh flowers, or an appealing bowl of fresh fruit always works well. How about setting out a nice bottle of wine with 2 glasses and a well prepared plate of Dolci chocolate dipped strawberries. Adding a little romance in the kitchen always enhances the senses.

4. Fine linen, eye appealing centerpiece, nice glassware and flatware with your best polished silverware is a must. Be creative!


The #2 room that influences a buyer is the bathrooms. Bright, clean and luxurious baths sell homes. People love looking at romantic luxurious baths, so take this opportunity to make yours shine!

1. Clean and Shine is the first step.

2. Add plush towel sets, decorative floral arrangement, decorative soaps in sparkling dishes. Take a look at your walls and move some pictures into your bath that you normally would not have there.

3. Add a small touch of class for staging purposes such as candles, lipstick and mascara arranged on a mirror, etc.


View each room first from the door that you enter. Most sellers walk to the center of the room and look around, however, buyers first see the room from the door they enter. Therefore, make where you enter, your starting point, so you will see the room just as the buyer does for the first time.

1. First, if there istoo much furniture in a room, it will look cluttered and appear smaller.

2. Every sofa or chair does not have to be against a wall.

3. Vary the lighting and have plenty of it. No dark or dungy areas.

4. When buyers first enter a room their eyes will automatically go to the slider or window with a view. Take advantage of this and make it a focal point.