About My Commitment


Despite what people may say about Realtors, there are some pretty extraordinary professionals who sell Real Estate for a living. I would like to think that I am one of those people. The following are some attributes that I have committed to provide my clients and customers.

1.   I will not be just a technician, but rather, a COUNSELOR, knowing that buying and selling real estate can affect the soul and not just your bank account.

2.   I will think of my clients as FRIENDS, and treat them with the respect and courtesy that friends deserve.

3.   I will be TRUSTWORTHY, and will not neglect matters that are of importance to those who depend on me.

4.   I will be HUMBLE, because I know how complicated the world is and how hard it can be to fix what’s broken.

5.   I will be ACCESSIBLE, and will not let the pressures of my personal or professional life stand in the way of being there when a client is in need of help.

6.   I will be FRUGAL, with my client’s equity and money, considering it to be one of my most important tasks.

7.   I will have COURAGE, to do what’s right, to say hard things when they must be said.

8.   I will WORK HARD, because I’ve learned that nothing worth pursuing comes easily.

9.   I will have a SENSE OF HUMOR, because sometimes that’s the only tool left by which to deal with the tangled piles of facts, paperwork, and emotion that end up on my desk.

10. I will be HONEST, beyond a shadow of a doubt and I would never think of infringing upon my client’s or customer’s trust.

This is my pledge to you and your family,

Ruth Gissa

MRE, CRS, ABR, GRI, CDPE & REO certified


Peak Producer 2018 (in the top 10% of all Realtors in the Pikes Peak area)
Peak Producer 2017 (in the top 10% of all Realtors in the Pikes Peak area)
Peak Producer 2016 (in the top 10% of all Realtors in the Pikes Peak area)
Peak Producer 2015 (in the top 10% of all Realtors in the Pikes Peak area)
Licensed Realtor® in the state of Colorado
Serving the public since 2001